Saturday, April 17, 2004

So the scrubbing didn't work so well. We have quite the murder scene look going on in the bedroom. G was thinking it was funny. I do feel bad, but not as bad as yesterday.
We are going to take advantage of the weather today. There is a park above the lake that has great views of the water and we will go walking soon. It is a disadvantage in the spring to live so close to the lake because our temps. are always 10 degrees cooler around here and it can be quite chilly into late May. However, instead of that Canadian artic blast that always seems centered on our state the winds are coming up from the South.
Last night we watched the Food Network and a show came on about the Commander's Palace in New Orleans. It is G's favorite restaurant in the U.S.A. We went there while we were in town over the New Year celebration this year. I felt a little out of place because it was very fancy and you have not one waiter, but a team. Someone always seems to be standing next to you. I keep reminding myself to sit up and use the proper utensil. G is completely used to dining like this, but this is all new to me. It also requires proper dress, but on vacation who wants to do that. I did end up having a great time. We walked through the garden district after lunch and then went to my favorite book store in the area.
I bought this book of short stories about New Orleans. I am slowly reading it to savor every page and will look for more books on the history of the city when we go down again.
Off to the park!


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