Thursday, April 15, 2004

I can't fathom the thought of seven more weeks of work. The school accred. team comes on Monday and the principal is turning into a real witch. My room looks pretty good. I had the kids do projects and they are hanging on the walls. I must remember to grap G's camera in the morning. I want to remember these butterfly patterns and the Seuss display the kids made.
Tomorrow when I wake up I will be at my lowest weight since I started this weight loss program. Of course that takes us into the weekend. Last foreign film on Saturday and then we are doing Thai. Sunday is G's mom's birthday and their are dinner plans also. I don't know if I will go along or not. That might be rude. Fact is, it is rude. I will be going to dinner on Sunday. G's mom has been sending me job openings in her city. I am over qualified for them all. I hope this isn't part of a major plan to encourage the purchase of her condo. These people don't like houses and I just don't understand it. I come from a family where everyone had a house. A condo, or apartment was unheard of. I don't like neighbors being so close.
They tend to want to know what you are up to all the time. Like the elderly lady downstairs. I feel bad for her because she seems lonely, but to fly outside every time we come home, I just am not up for that.


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