Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Lots of things going down at work and it leaves me emotionally and mentally exhausted. I am getting very tired of rumors and gossip. Announcements will be made early next week, but I think I probably know 75 pecent of what will be said. Unfortunately, what I thought wasn't going to happen for another year probably will happen. It leaves me with some challenges in working there. I had a volunteer come into the library and make a request. He couldn't tell me what staff member he was working for because the position hasn't been announced yet. That conversation probably put me the least at ease about the changes. Someone is requesting my budgeted money for a program that has been under my leadership.
I have been working at my job for 10 years and maybe 11 will be it. I can't live wondering about my position from year to year. Know wonder I take pills for a racing heart. Stress!
G made this big announcement about the birthday celebration and we have three people who want to join us on the trip so far. I thought it was crazy to hold a party so far away in New Orleans, but I guess we won't be alone. Of course this does not include any of my friends or family. I think that I am missing so much in my life by not including the people who mean so much to me, but my family is unaware. Unaware of distant places, unaware there is a world outside of that small town and unaware about who I am. Like I said, exhausted.


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