Thursday, April 29, 2004

How profound was that last post. I amaze myself sometimes.

I decided pick up an Anne Rice novel again. Just immerse myself in the history of the South. It is such a different way of living. Maybe that is why I find myself drawn to the area. I think it is probably the grass is always greener type of thought process though.

I am going to have dinner with the kids tonight. I think it is only about six weeks until they become my life again. I am looking forward to it, but realize how extremely tired I will be at the end of each and every day. I hope the baby is walking by then. The boys have issues with arguing and fighting all the time. It can make for extremely long days. Last year I kept them busy at the beach, or at the park. I really need the baby to be walking. Both of her brothers didn't start walking until the end of thirteen months and that was the middle of summer. Their sister will be thirteen months when I start so I might be safe. Can you imagine the beach with a crawling child. I do enjoy my time with them and am very sad in August. They are probably the closest I will ever be to having my own children.


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