Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I have been silent as of late. I was starting to get redundant in my complaining and so I decided to give it a rest. I was pretty depressed I guess you could say about some things, but life goes on. I have diagnosed myself with situational depression. When I find myself dealing with something that is unpleasant and hard to cope with, I sink down into a pathetic self-pity mode.
G is back from the Spain trip, and is busy working on a CD of pictures with music. It kind of looks like a documentary without words. It reminds me a lot of my Germany pictures from my junior year in high school. I love to learn about the different cultural aspects of a country. It just blows me away that people eat dinner between ten and eleven at night. They spend hours walking through the city and visiting with neighbors in the evening. Even the children are on a much later schedule than in America. Maybe I would be thin, as I would be missing dinner each night.
Next summer a family that G stayed with in Spain will be coming to visit us. They would like to go down to New Orleans and asked it we could come with. If I know G, it will not be a problem. I will post some pictures soon, after I deal with the taxes. We are going out tomorrow night for dinner with friends and so that leaves me Thurs. Tonight I worked till six and I am really tired. These eleven hour days are difficult.
Only eight more weeks!


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