Friday, March 18, 2005

About not being yeah.

We have a fresh three inches on the ground and my family is getting twelve. I have zero interest in going up there at this time. I need some sun and warm air. I know I am leaving tomorrow and will get some of that, but I am very bad at not looking past things.
Last night I went out with the work friends I do dinner with once a month. I need to work on feeling less guilty about not attending things. It was the same bitch session. It was also St. Patrick's Day and this was not the group I would have picked to drink green beer with. So right at the end of the evening this one person said she was leaving her husband.
Well you can't just up and leave after that kind of shocker. Why can't I just say no to these kind of events? It is the same lie and deny on my part. Then of course they start in on vacations next week, and I was the only one out of the eight who was going somewhere. More guilt, more explanation about the trip being booked before I knew my job was over.
Time to focus.
I am looking forward to our trip. We are going to some of the libraries and bookstores. No tourist events. Eat at some favorite restaurants and try some new ones. Take lots of pictures.
We are in the process of deciding what to do with the condo. We are thinking of taking a loan out on it and doing some work on the bathrooms, kitchen, and paint all the walls and decorate. We need to decide if we want a house, or just redecorate here. G has a lot of travel pictures that we need to make a part of the decor somehow. When I moved in the guest bedroom was a photo room with special gray walls and black frames that made the room look wonderful. We took it down and repainted, but I think that might have been a mistake.
I am off to work. I was working on vegetable cutouts for a garden display on the walls to go with Beatrix Potter. I didn't have time to plan for the upper grades today. I will have to do some creative thinking.


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