Tuesday, March 01, 2005

First day on the job with the kids. They are sleeping. The baby won't be here in the morning and the foreign exchange student will be off to school by the time I get here. So it looks like I will need to make breakfast for two. I am going to do waffles this morning.
I can't eat breakfast of any kind. It makes my blood sugar drop and by ten in the morning I am sick and have to eat again or drink a lot of sugar.
I know all about protein, but it doesn't matter what I eat, it always happens. Nothing before eleven.
Yesterday afternoon I started the extra hours in the after school program. It is just six hours a week till the end of the year. Meanwhile, my desk is piled high with work. Not getting in until my first class appears before me, and then leaving right as the bell rings will create a nightmare in the library. What is logical about any of this?
I'm off to make some waffles.


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