Saturday, February 26, 2005

Even after the many bottles of hand sanitizer I dump on my hands all day at work, I managed to be infected with a virus that has put a slight damper on my weekend. Perhaps because when I am reading stories, an entire school of children is coughing and sneezing at my feet. It is actually a very mild version of what is going around. Influenza is running rampant, but I don't have that.
We don't have any major plans this weekend. Next weekend G is traveling to Notre Dame to take an extensive weekend course on dosimetery. I will be on my own. That about sums up the whole month of March. The Spain trip is looming, just a few weeks away.
Time is flying. Time flys quickly when you are in for life changing events.
I can't believe how much I have cut down on expenses. Just changing little habits like packing a lunch, or cutting out expensive coffee has saved me one hundred dollars this last three weeks. Money won't get tight until August so I have some time yet. I put all my bills online and whenever I get an extra buck or two make an extra payment. That damn suv will get paid off within the next year.
Time to make up the shopping list with G. Grocery shopping has become fun because I have been reading up on recipes. I am not so sure I understand the different kinds of garlic and oils, but the only thing G has requested that I do not ever make, is meat covered with any kind of Campell's soup simmering in a crockpot. That doesn't even register with me. Good thing!


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