Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So the guy working on the computer calls last night. My screen is flickering and did I want to replace it for $500.
Sure buddy, no problem.
It wasn't doing that before and so one must wonder??? It will just have to be like that for now because in my rationing of money, purchasing a new computer comes in dead last.

In other news, I am getting up the courage to ask for letters of recommendation. I know of at least one parent letter that was written in my defense and I better capitalize on the guilt. I would not know this, but one of my bosses (at least she thinks she is) is not very professional and leaked it to me.
A new policy is in effect and they all will only write dates of service, etc.. for recommendations.
Can we leave out all the religious hoopla. I have a social work and library degree, nobody wants to hear about my faith based values in those liberal organizations. Maybe I should hook up with the government. I should be able to get a great position with these credentials. On my honor, I will never ever hook up with another religious organization again. I mean it. Yes I do!


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