Thursday, February 10, 2005

So, the unthinkable happened last night. G's computer went dead. Very dead, not coming back.
We are a home without the internet. I should be getting mine back on Wednesday of next week. We haven't heard otherwise, so we are hoping. G is going to go purchase a new one this weekend. This is leaving me very uncomfortable with the job situation at hand.
We have spent many hours discussing and planning what will happen if I lose my job. March first is already a given with my loss of 55 hours a month. It will be replaced with a couple hundred dollars taking the kids to school, but it will be felt.
G's ex, has made it difficult for me. I have never met the person and thankfully they are gone to Seattle. G's standard of living since that person left is much higher than I have ever known or cared to know. I feel like I am putting a break on all that. It is something that has been keeping me up. This weekend computer hunting will be difficult. We were looking at them while taking mine in to get fixed. G knows the one already. Expensive, top of the line.
We should be saving money right now. How can I possible say this? Ugh!! What if tonight at the family dinner, plans are set that we all go to Las Vegas in August. No way can I do that!!
Gotta go make muffins with paint and cottonballs with the little ones. I will right when I get my computer back.


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