Monday, January 24, 2005

G had a really bad day, but by the time I was done listening to the saga, I was laughing out loud. After a string of mishaps, G went to grab stuff to leave after a crappy day and noticed the desk was gone and the computer shoved in a corner on a little table. If that isn't the icing on the cake. It was just to funny not to laugh.
So we went to grab a bite at the Mexican restaurant we had our first date at. It is right across from the airport and I suggested we go over and take the first flight to New Orleans. We tried to figure out how long we could be down there on just our credit cards. We decided on some months, but then what the heck, you would have no job and huge credit debt that you couldn't even pay the minimum on. So, coming back to our senses, we decided on a quiet evening of reading and tv watching at home.
Oh to dream. Speaking of which, I did not sleep well last night. When I finally fell asleep some time after 2, I dreamt that I was teaching children in India. Probably because I am reading parts of Shantaram over again because there are just to many characters to remember and keep track off. The dream was so vivid. When I woke up I was half trying to plan some activities for when I went back. Silly, I sometimes have to tell myself I was just dreaming and I don't have to stress out about whatever it was I was dreaming about.
Rambling, tired, I am off to bed.


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