Saturday, January 22, 2005

I just went down to go retrieve something out of the suv and realized that unless I wanted to get wet up to my knees I should just wait. We are in the middle of a brutal snowstorm. We knew it would be starting as we were out to eat with my best friend and family last night. We picked a restaurant that was close to where we live because when it gets started it really drops quickly. If it were a weekday, I would have had a snow day and I don't know how G would get in to. The Cruiser wouldn't have made it out of the garage. I don't ever drive that car because it has a stick shift and although I used to drive one, it isn't the same and once dying out in the middle of traffic was all it took to say never again with this one.
Since we both bought brand new cars two months before meeting, we are stuck with what we have. Well, G is stuck, I hate that car that looks like a hearse, but we both love mine. It is amazing how different our tastes are.

So, we are going to hang out here until the plow comes through. The good thing about the condo is we don't have to do a thing. The bad of course is that we are at someone else's mercy.
We do have to go to some friends of ours for dinner. It is a paella dinner that G is supposed to help cook. Spanish friends from Spain gave the receive after cooking it here.

I am going to read for awhile and just relax. I am trying to fight off this depressing season of midwinter. It doesn't sit well with me. I need to see some sun soon. We just got off of 5 really cold zero days and now snow.
Ming-gi wants to know how much longer until summer. Sorry buddy, you will be lucky to see a 70 degree day before you leave in June. We have that big freezer know as Lake Michigan two miles east. July is summer and that is it.


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