Monday, January 10, 2005

I'm about ready to weep! It was just a horrible day from start to finish. I feel like I am always on the defense, or backed into a corner and fighting my battles tooth and nail.
Today I arrived at work to find a book on my desk that a parent was upset about. It had a note to check my email. It was a terribly thing to get on a Monday morning. I have just about had it with these religious freaks. I swear I am going to pull ever book and put in all bibles. Then whenever anyone wants to read anything I will tell them to consult the bible. It won't matter what the topic since apparently the bible tells all.
ignorance!! I don't tolerate book banning at all!!!!
I have a headache and my teeth hurt. I think I am just going to go to bed and start again tomorrow. Last night I fell asleep in G's arms while we were reading in bed. What a great feeling. G had to be in surgery today and had to get up at 4. I think it will be a reversal tonight. Thank God this day has ended.


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