Thursday, December 30, 2004

G took off today and so we headed to an upscale mall in the area. We finally tried PF Chang's. It was pretty good, but I still like Thai food better. We waited way too long and then fought crowds of people to look at rings. I was disappointed that I couldn't find one just like my last one. We will keep looking.
Tonight after getting home we turned on the news and saw more coverage of the tsunami disaster. We decided to donate some money. How can you not after seeing such tragedy. Google is making it easy by listing sites to donate online. I have an account through Amazon, so I just used them to send money to the Red Cross.
Can you imagine standing up to your knees in water and having nothing. No food or water, much less a place to sleep. Just unimaginable.

Tomorrow we have to go to G's mom for an afternoon miniparty for an after race celebration. We are going to stay home and have a nice dinner tomorrow night. On New Year's Day we have to go to a brunch to watch the Badgers play. I am not looking forward to that early morning commitment. I guess I now agree that we should have left town for this holiday.
G is stressed and looking online to book future trips. I can pick anywhere in the world for my birthday. I will not pick outside the U.S.
Maybe back to San Fran, New Orleans is always in the top three. Boston?
It just doesn't seem right to think about trips right now.


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