Monday, December 13, 2004

What an awesome weekend!! I had no clue what I was in for, but it turned out to be something I wanted to see the last two Christmas seasons. I have always wanted to see Martina Mcbride's Christmas concert, but it was either G's family Christmas gathering, or, a work event and it wasn't possible. I didn't think she was doing it this year, and she wasn't in the area, but thanks to Ticketmaster updates G found out about it. More than anything, I wanted to hear Martina sing Oh Holy Night, acappella. She has a fantastic voice and I wasn't disappointed. She ended the evening with the song. There was this cathedral like background that made me think of the church in New Orleans. It was completely dark except for the light on her. The audience completely froze when she started the song. People were crying and she received a standing ovation at the end.
Incredible. Maybe this all sounds incredibly lame, but every Christmas Eve for the past 20 years I have gone to the midnight service at my hometown church. At Midnight this same guy sings the song every year.
It is just an incredible feeling. So peaceful, so opposite of what the right wing zealots describe their religion to be. As long as I can feel that whenever I hear that particular piece of music I know that I still believe.
I am incredibly amazed that G did this for me. When your beliefs entail E=MC 2, it may be kind of hard to listen to this kind of music for fun on a Saturday night, but there was not a hint of dislike the whole evening.

Before the concert we went to G's favorite middle Eastern cuisine restaurant on State Street. We felt really in tune this weekend. Everything was perfect.


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