Thursday, December 09, 2004

A 50's wife. When I read that on Michelle's blog I had a fit of giggles.
I totally would like to be a 50's wife. There are only two problems that stop me. Ok, three...

1. We hired a maid service yesterday. Pathetic as it sounds G made the final decision.

2. Health insurance: We are a country of high moral values so this is not possible right now. (As a first grader asked me today; is that sarcasm?)

3. Laura Brown from The Hours. I completely and totally identify with that character and it is very scary to me. I thank God I didn't get into a situation where I would hurt people. I choose life too.

Other than that I could jump right in. I am a homebody that would love to try new recipes, bake, and having everything perfect for my hardworking partner whom I love very much.


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