Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I am back from a great Christmas visit with the family. It was snowy and cold, just perfect for the event. I enjoyed the visit with mom and took my Grandmother with me everywhere. I took her to lunch for her 90th birthday next week. Relatives do not understand why I can't make it back for the party, but they do not understand that she needs to have visits from people at all times because she is lonely. She has outlived her friends and two husbands. It is silly to plan an event and have everyone come in one afternoon and then she sits for the rest of the year. She still drives and walks a mile a day. She doesn't want to just sit and do nothing. She really enjoyed the lunch out, and will not miss me when 50 other people visit with her that day. Common sense!
My mom joined us for the service on Christmas Eve. I was surprised that she went along. She is one to just sit in a chair all day and watch depressing news channels.
The church channel just about drove me nuts. Mom and Grandma watched local services from the city channel for three hours and I was ready to scream. Luckily, I brought many books to read and fill the time.
My sisters and kids were in and out over the five days I was there. In all it was a great time.
Last night G and I went for a quick dinner at Applebee's and then to the Phantom of the Opera. I didn't think we would make it because G has been in surgery this week, but we did and I am glad. The movie had it's problems, but I really enjoyed it. The music is still in my head this morning. They could have left out the one murder scene as the phantom had not been true to his original character, and so it was out of place. G says we have a taped copy of the original and I will have to dig it up.

Today I am on my own. G is working and then has a work dinner later on tonight. I feel lonely. I could drive down and do lunch at the hospital, and stop into Barnes and Noble and spend some gift card money, of which I have a lot.
I got myself invited to the best friends for dinner. They were up for Christmas and I want to see some of the new toys the kids are talking about.
I have been up since G left working on FlexBen issues. I still have $130 and will have to go to Walgreens to spend it. I am planning on purchasing Aleve before they take that off the shelf. A heart attack or cramps? Looks like the heart attack wins.
I screwed up with the flex money and will not make this mistake again next year. First of all, next week I need to have some dental work done and so that will be at least a hundred spent the first week of the year.
Then, I have all these test I need to have because this IBS problem. When the doctor heard my sister was diagnosed with crohn's disease this year she was ready to do a colonoscopy. No way am I doing that right now.
I got a prescription on a trail basis, but haven't taken any do to the side effect list. I just can't handle any more effects of any kind.

Ok, what shall I do?? Lounge and surf and read anyone?


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