Monday, December 20, 2004

This is way to much togetherness. The party Sat. was what we expected.
Just a couple comments by the stepmother. It was ok and once a year is tolerable.
Sunday night was with my best friends sisters. It is always a good time to visit with them because when we lived in Lansing we would go to Detroit from Thursday night until Sunday night and stay with them. They were little elementary school kids back then. Now, two are in college, one is in med school, and the oldest is a teacher.
Tonight was supposed to be a dinner and present opening at our house for the kids. The sisters decided to stay, so we had a dinner party for eleven. G pulled off a magnificent meal. We have the Italian Deli and she picked up ravioli, and made a Greek salad and French bread.
The kids went home in new pj's that I bought them. Now I am incredibly exhausted. I actually had to attend a work Christmas function before the dinner tonight. I ate some great hors D'oeuvres, but was in and out.
G and I will have our Christmas together Wed. night. After I go to the dentist. Ugh. Then I will be leaving Thursday, or Friday depending on the weather.
Just too much.


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