Thursday, December 23, 2004

Well I am off to visit the family for Christmas. I am looking forward to the service tomorrow night. Probably only my Grandma will go with me and it may be one of her last since she is turning 90 next month so it will have all the more meaning.
Last night G and I had our Christmas. Although sad, I think we will be ok apart. We both have many plans and no time to think about things.
Lots to pack and do. I am not sure when I will return. I know I have a hair appointment on Monday in my hometown and it is rather late. So depending on weather. Tuesday perhaps.
Funny, we don't have a drop of snow, but I am headed 3 hours north and they just got seven inches. It seems to be going north, south, and east of us.
I hope everyone has a great Christmas with family and friends. Peace to all in the New Year. Everywhere on Earth!


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