Saturday, January 08, 2005

G and I talked in bed for about an hour this morning. Just catching up from the week because it was hectic. When I got up and looked in the mirror I was stunned to see how dark and baggy my eyes looked. It looks like I was boxing or something. I am thinking the lack of sleep is what is doing it. I also have this sinking feeling that I am aging. I haven't noticed such a pronounced sign before this, but this is rather dramatic.
Sometimes I feel like the years are passing me by and I am losing the time that I need to make everything in my life how it should be and then just sit back and enjoy. It really doesn't work this way, but for some reason I have that in my head.
We are thinking about what to do with the pictures we got for Christmas. We have one for the bedroom that is orange and would require the walls to be painted to hang it. The two wine pictures to not exactly match the wall of the dining portion of the condo. We have a nice condo, and my family and friends think it is spectacular the way it is decorated. G's side however probably doesn't see it that way. They are a bit more pretentious, in their eyes we could spent some serious money and fix it up. The problem is that we do not want to do anything if we are going to buy a house. If we buy a house G wants to by a nice house. Nice isn't the word I am looking for here, but above average doesn't cut it either. Anyway, if we go that route I need to keep my job. If we stay here and fix it up I could quit my job once my car is paid off in a year and a half and find something more part time. I would take care of household issues.
The baby issue came up this week also, and let me tell you the clock is ticking loudly on that one folks. We biologically can't wait any longer on that one. It is a wonder I never sleep.
It's the new year, G needs studying to be top priority to pass this test in June. It think I will at least get us out to B&N for awhile so I can look for some things I need for work.
Tomorrow we are going to make soup and watch football. We don't have a chance in hell of getting very far in these playoffs, but we are diehard fans in this state and we will remain loyal.


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