Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Thank God for insurance and flexben. When all is said and done my dental bill will be over $1000. I need to go back and get a crown put on a tooth because it is cracked. If I needed a reason to keep my job, I sure did get it.
Work issues continue. I feel like people are chipping away at my self confidence. I am tired of the critical attitudes of people. I felt like telling a few people off today. My big event guest speaker will be next week. Nothing positive has been said yet. I can't wait to get the stress over with.
We are finally supposed to get a snow storm the next couple days.
The boys have wanted to snowboard, but only got to go upnorth at Christmas for about half an hour. I remember when we were little and the snow was up to the front door. It just doesn't snow like that anymore.
I don't care for snow, but I feel bad for the boys.
I am quite tired tonight. G is studying for the exam in June and I am surfing without purpose. I think I will get some sleep and rejuvenate.


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