Wednesday, January 19, 2005

It is strange, I think all the work I was doing was helping to pass the long winter days. We are smack dab in the middle of winter and it isn't a time I look forward too. We are just getting off of 5 days of zero to ten degree weather. I have been chilled for days and it doesn't go away unless I am under a hot shower. Showering is not something you can do repeatedly unless you want skin that is dry and itching constantly. I have had three middle of the night nose bleeds. We are thinking that the humidifier we bought is not working correctly. To make matters more unpleasant, we are back on the diets that we tried last winter at this time. No snacking and small strict meals. Whine on.....
The good thing is that I have lost ten pounds since the first of the year. It hasn't been too difficult while busy, but now that I am not constantly working it is bit more challenging. Since I am 30 pounds less than where I started last January I really think I have a change of looking better this summer. Hopefully I will regain some energy also. I have been feeling drained and unrefreshed in the morning.
This morning while I was in the parking lot I got a cell phone call asking if I could be in second grade in two minutes. The teacher got sick before school started. It was fun teaching consonant clusters. I picked up some techniques on how to teach first graders to make a rhyming poem. Last week we tried writing one with the word mouse. Anything to get kids writing.
Midweek laundry is calling and so I am off...


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