Sunday, March 06, 2005

Am I becoming codependent? That's the question of the day, as I seem to have not been able to get it together and accomplish anything by myself this weekend. I wimped out right away Friday night and went and took the kids to eat with me. Friday night by myself is something I have never done and so I made sure I didn't start. Yesterday I subjected myself to some horrible, mindless crap on television. The Gastineau Girls, Jessica Simpson having butter dumped on her by a waiter, and the Road Rules gang spitting on the Real World gang and then basically sleeping with each other. Good grief could I please get those hours back again.

I don't do neighbors. If you were my neighbor I would ignore you like the plague. Once you chat with someone for even five minutes they think they have become part of your life. I learned this very early on in my first apartment. We had a young family that took advantage of my roommate and me all the time. They had us watch their baby constantly until it got to the point that they were walking in without knocking. There was also this single guy with a preteen son across the hall. The guy would leave his son alone all the time so he could date all these different women and we would be stuck checking in on the kid. One night the kid knocked on our door after midnight and asked if he could sleep on the couch. He heard a noise and had a dream about a murderer. We said go ahead, but his dad was pissed at all of us when he found out we let him stay. I have no idea why, but I think he was embarrassed at his own actions. To make matters worse, young family and single guy did not get along with each other and we were put in the middle. We ended up leaving for entire weekends to go stay with my roommate's mom and sisters. We just couldn't take it anymore. Now, it is the lady downstairs from us. She is elderly and calls G's cell phone all the time for little things. The problem of the moment seems to be that she hears water dripping when we do laundry. Today she came out as I was getting into my vehicle and told me to put newspaper under my washer and find out if it gets wet. On Monday night she called and told us to get our garbage out to the curb before the snow got any worse. This is all because G gave her a piece of chicken off the grill last summer and struck up a conversation.
Neighbors should never be your friends.


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