Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I made it back from the family visit. I am supposed to be spending the week doing taxes, catching up on laundry, and dying coffee filters for a butterfly project next week. I haven't accomplished any of it yet. I have been very unmotivated.
I read a great article in the paper this morning about the anger that is occurring right now in our society and how it is contributing to all the murder that has been making the news in the past couple years. It seriously picked up on the hatred that is being exhibited my those groups who think they have the moral answer for everything. These groups do not take into consideration the diversity of the people living in our society today. Whether it be the Native American who goes in to shoot classmates and teachers, the guy who shoots his pastor and worshippers at a church service in a hotel, etc...
The writer was saying that people just can't take the hate anymore and we can't impose a bunch of rules that can't possibly be followed by everyone.
I really need one of those "stop the hate" bumper stickers.
Half way through the ten days without G. This is so difficult!!!


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