Saturday, March 26, 2005

This is depressing! My mom went to a cpr class for the day, my sister now has to go into work, and my other sister is busy making dinner for all of us this evening. We are going over there tonight because their family is going to Duluth, Minn. tomorrow to look at poodles. I don't know why driving 6 hours to look at poodles would be fun, but to each their own I guess.

Ok, whew, my sister just called and said she only has to interview someone for a job and then we can do lunch. I was thinking I would have to spend the day by myself. They just bought a dog and are bringing over to my mom's to show me. All I know is that since moving out of my best friends house away from the dog and cat, and having G's cat pass away last spring, my asthma is gone! I mean completely. I don't want any more animals in my life.

Anway, I haven't heard from G since yesterday morning at 6 am. I suppose nothing will be open until Monday. Good Friday shut down the city yesterday and it will stay like that until Monday.
That is the one negative I remember about Europe. Nothing was ever open. Stores where open half days and at odd times. G was going to get a phone card, but probably will not be able to.
America is very 24 hours.

I am going to go continue reading The Proffessor's Daughter by Emily Raboteau. I started it on the New Orleans trip and am almost finished. Then I will start Feet on the Street by Roy Blount Jr. Ramblings around New Orleans. (Awww.... I just opened the cover and I found another "I LOVE YOU!" note. G put them in things everywhere around the condo.) I always buy authentic New Orleans books while I am down there so I can savor the memory.

I hope I get a phone call soon!


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