Thursday, March 24, 2005

This ten days will be difficult. G is in the air right now and I have terrible anxiety. I will feel better when the plane lands around midnight. Of course it will be 8:00 AM in Spain. Ten days is long.... Ugh...

I am going to visit my family for the long Easter weekend tomorrow. I guess the only difference in this, is that we could call each other whenever we wanted. Hopefully I will hear from G some time tomorrow. I'm such a baby! How do these military families do it? Ten days is nothing compared to the time they spend apart. They also live in constant fear. I just couldn't handle it.

I hope nothing happens with this condo in the next ten days. The lady down stairs is bitter about the pipes bursting and water flooding into her apartment. It wasn't our fault because we were out of town and not using any water. Luckily, our insurance won't be involved, just the condo association. Ultimately, I guess that means our condo fees go up. Better to spread the debt.

New Orleans really is a great city. So many people don't see beyond Bourbon street. We visited the Faulkner House. It is an eclectic bookstore with lots to offer in regards to some of the best American authors. I picked up a book on some of Faulkners early essays.
They also had a copy of a Thomas Mann book. I took a course on the German author in college.
We also took the time to visit a public library in the garden district. It was in an old house that was presevered with the charm of European design found in many of the garden houses. The collection was small, but it was great to browse. An elderly man was teaching and African American gentleman how to read. They had such good rapport and patience with each other. I don't want to be a tourist, I want to see real life and I think I got a small glimpse on this trip. So much more to see!
I need to pack and think about getting some sleep. I hope that is possible.


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