Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Um, yeah. Ok, I was able to get the weather for New Orleans on the website so how come I can't figure out how to do other graphics. This new blogger upgrade seems to offer a bit more, but I am not so good at figuring out how to use it. I need a nice day of to play. That won't happen for awhile.

Speaking of makeovers, which everyone is, Mary Tyler Moore obviously had some work done. She has the telltale immovable forehead. I am ok with my face, I just want veneers. I want perfect teeth. I can't really even have bleaching done do to the fact my sister knocked out my front tooth when we were young. I have a cap on it and it can't be bleached. I could have a new one put in, but then we are talking money because it would be cosmetic. I do try some of the whitnening gel on my teeth, but it is not good enough.

Why I am watching the Dick Van Dyke is beyond me, as I never watched it when it was on the first time around. Wasn't even born yet. G is watching Showtime shows and I am not up for that either. Soo.. maybe I will play with blogger.


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