Monday, May 03, 2004

I think I have ruined G for life. Before I moved in there was not a hint of any television viewing in this condo. No cable, just a pair of antenna wrapped in tinfoil. Now G is in the bedroom totally immersed in cable. We tried to watch QAF last night, but I could not get into it. We were watching old ones and the storylines were very degrading. I honestly question if it is just me, or if there could be something to this. G didn't seem to have a problem. My worlds collide sometimes and I find myself struggling to be fair. It makes me feel lost, like a don't belong anywhere.
We tried a new soup and sandwich place this evening. G ordered a tuna sandwich and got tuna on a lettuce leaf. It was the funniest thing. We had already waited a half hour so we didn't bother to return it. Why it takes a half hour to plop some tuna on a leaf is beyond me. My sandwich was delivered after about five minutes. I was laughing the whole time, but G didn't find it amusing. Hey, I was up for a simple burger, but no we have to go healthy. hehe


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