Thursday, May 13, 2004

Spring is finally in full bloom here. I have kept up with my walking the last three nights and I find it amazing how much I live the spring changes. Tonight while walking the planes were taking off one right after another. Since the airport ends up next to the park by our condo, we are able to watch them quite closly. Besides taking in nature, we were dreaming about where we would like to go if we could just take off.
G's mom flew to Colorado this morning and wrote that it was 32 and snowing. Yikes, I think I would be crying if I were there. They are going to road trip it tomorrow to Arizona where it has been in the 90's lately. I will settle for a nice in between number.
Work is emotionally draining. I trained some volunteers this morning to work on a project over summer and then I find out we may not be able to do it. I just don't care anymore. It has been quite the stress point lately and I know that in one month I can let it go for 8 weeks. Not a vacation, but a fresh kind of hell.


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