Monday, May 05, 2008

An Idea

Two weekends ago a lady came to do message for some guests. She was talking about an idea she had for writing a novel based on an event in the bible. I have been struggling with an idea that I can follow through with longer than a few days for my own story. I think by listening to her process of selection I came up with my own. I will have do lots of research, but I am thinking that is going to be the greatest part. I love to read about historical places and events and I think that is where I am headed.

This past weekend we had a group of moms on retreat. 25 kids between them. At night they went into the kitchen and raided the pantry for tea and popcorn. Like I told CJ, it wasn't about eating. It was about being with friends at night and giggling without any concern for anybody else. They had a blast. They loved my pancakes at brunch on Sunday....Imagine that!

We went for a drive this evening after walking in town for awhile. I absolutely love the mountains, fresh air, and little hints of spring popping up. It is so amazing to be experiencing this new life every day. I hope we are able to keep up with the bills and mortgage to keep this running.


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