Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Blahs

Lots of traffic the next few weeks in the guest house. Unfortunately, our long term resident popped in this weekend unexpectedly and that pretty much means I have to work around someone. We have all these times when we can use the washer/dryer, dishwashers, save money. She beat me this time.

Mornings like these are hard. It is Sunday, you just want to come down, start a load of laundry, read a paper over breakfast in your pj's and relax. sigh.. Next weekend we have a full house for a full retreat weekend. I will be up at 7 making pancakes, sausage, eggs, and other fun breakfast foods for a group of people. Same the weekend after. It all means money, which in turn means we stay in this gorgeous house and live the dream. Nothing is for free.

Personally, I really enjoy my new life, but I can't stop thinking about my old one. I am worried about my ex. She is suffering through some very difficult things. We are not speaking right now and that makes it hard to get any sense of what is happening. The therapist said this was the best for her. I have so much guilt, worry, and even horrible jealousy that would seem misplaced right about now, except for the fact that I was right about everything. I am happy she has someone during these next months. Even the French girl is coming to help her out soon. Friends like that are the best things that life has to offer. It makes up for the crap that life dumps sometimes.


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