Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I need a map. A clear, concise one with lots of signage....ones like; no, not that way idiot, do you want to waste six more months bobbing in the sea of indecision.

With the way things are progressing, I am not sure why there is always a religious aspect to my life. I mean I renounced it all year ago on top of a mountain in Vancouver. Do I really think it is a good idea to begin again....this time with the Catholics? I mean them no disrespect. We broke off from the Catholics when good ole Martin Luther decided to post his objections upon that door oh so long ago. Are we sure this guy had our best interests at heart? I love the ornamentation of the Catholic church, a sin according to the Lutherans. I just think another ten years of guilt would really do me in right about now. Maybe I don't feel guilty enough though. I am giving up my whole life for this craziness. Like I said, a map please.


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