Saturday, April 12, 2008


This weekend we have a group of ladies here who are having a high school reunion. Sadly, one of them has a brain tumor and they are coming together to support and encourage her.
Over the last year I have been contemplating just what it is that I am supposed to accomplish, what my purpose might be, and how I can be at peace. From this group of people I am learning that time is too short to spend pondering endlessly. I need to be at peace with something and quickly.

My past participles are weak. Every time I use one incorrectly I owe CJ a quarter. It is a Midwest thing and it is very hard to change. This winter a guest was sitting near the fireplace, and as I walked by I said, " Hey, how ya doing?" She answered with, " You aren't from around here are you?" One of my new message board friends who came to visit with her partner said that I sounded like someone straight out of the movie Fargo. I have never watched it, but I will have to get it. I feel self conscious about this and the fact that I am a lot less mature acting than the people around here. I am ten years younger than CJ and our permanent resident. They take everything so serious all the time. I spent 13 years in a school with children and then living 5 months out of the last year with my best friend's family..... 3 and a half kids. Give me a break people. I am happy that through all the trauma I haven't lost my sense of humor. When that goes I am giving up.

We are finally seeing some of the snow melt these days. When you drive down the mountain it is surprising to see the landscape a few weeks ahead of ours. We still have inches of snow, but a few bare patches are turning up around the house. This has been an endless winter, but I am proud that I have made it through without much complaint. Wisconsin has harsh winters, but nothing like this. Thankfully, because of the amount of snow this season, business has picked up with skiers. I guess this place hasn't had a whole lot of them in the past, but one of my new ideas was to pick up some of that population. We need to be careful, because a certain amount of respect needs to take place, as this is a retreat house, but I think we had a great group of people for the season. Now I need to get used to mud season.


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