Monday, July 21, 2003

Wow, time is flying right by me. To sum things up, I would have to say G and I are having a very bad time of it right now. Our trip to Canada was problematic straight out of the gate. We fought about everything and anything and that was just the beginning.
I guess I am not very good at map reading, but in my favor, I never said I was!
Ok, I guess I panic when I think we are taking a wrong turn and I am capable of being vocal about the whole thing.
I won't take all the blame though. When you are with someone who has a major stick up the butt and is very anal about everything, you probably are going to have some issues.
The Falls were great! I know many people would say it is to much of a tourist trap in Niagara, but if you looked past it you will have a great time.
I was in awe at the story of the first people who traveled thru the area. They could hear the Falls before they could see them and they were somewhat afraid because they do sound thunderous. One must realize that the water is only at one third its power. They control every drop that goes over the cliff. Hundreds of years ago though, they were much more powerful and dangerous at night. I imagined coming upon the Falls in the night without all the lights and the guard rails. At some point you would be walking in a light rain without really knowing why. The stars are shining, but it is raining. It was kind of interesting to see the cars with their windshield wipers on because of the mist and rain of the falls. We were soaked when walking the ledge right on the falls. I must say they have done a great job getting you close to nature.
Went to work yesterday and walked right back out. Someone ate at my desk and there is food everywhere. 4 weeks till I go back. Shoot me now!


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