Monday, July 07, 2003

Santana was great for those that love three hours of intrumental music. I kind of get into words. I relate to music by the words. Probably why I want to be a writer and not a musician.
Had an ok time. When you go with a group of people to a fest you always are going where someone else wants to go. The night wasn't about me. Soon I will be headed off to Canada. Seems like I should be more excited right now. I just know I have to endure a long car drive. Something G and I don't do so well together.
Is it just me or is music taking a nose dive lately. Usually, I can here a song and be " this reminds me of last summer or the winter of..." I just am not hearing anything I can relate to right now.
Only six weeks of summer vacation left. I am letting it slip without doing much writing. I am reading three books at a time though. Slacker!


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