Wednesday, June 04, 2003

We had a really big fight about the fourth of July. Seems we are going with a bunch of people to a concert that night. It was basically planned without my knowlege. The two ticket are going to cost over $100. I would rather just grill out with friends, or at least a couple of mine, but this will be G's group.
No, I can't just sit back and enjoy a concert that I didn't have to pay for and tip back a few. I rarely, if ever, drink. I took care of that my freshman year of college. I mean I really took care of that. I can't even casually drink more than once a month. G bought me some pony beers. They are about half the size of a real bottle. I can sip on that for an hour. Same with red Kool-aid. Not that I am inclined to drink that kind of beverage anymore, but the very thought of that red sugar liquid we mixed with about 12 different kinds of liquor, can bring me to stomach upset in seconds.

I would like to experience the 4th in another city. Just to get a different perspective. The midwestern one is kind of tame, maybe something a little south would be more exciting.


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