Monday, March 18, 2002

I just paid a buck o five for the worst coffee this side of the great lakes. Jeez people, on this particular Monday I need a good one!
My co-worker told me this morning if I would have sex more often I wouldn't be such a bitch. Well ok thats NOT working.
I am tired of being a work bee, do this, do that, hurry up, keep up your image, etc.....
Well I don't think so. I am wasting my time not using my Masters degree in a way that I should be.
I have been doing a lot of reading and research on the art of writing. Of course what I need to do is just write, but everytime I do I think
it isn't good enough, and start over and over.
Write about what you know is the mantra. Ok, well I know religion. I know religion not mixing well with certain lifestyles of every shape and form.
That is a possibility. Now how do I write about that without offending? Why am I so concerned about who I am offending.
I am going out to find a decent cup of coffee and to get a quick $19.95 attitude adjustment.


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