Sunday, March 17, 2002

I went to this dinner party last night. Very unexpectedly I found out it was not casual attire. I am a very laid back person, jeans are the way to go and if not, jeans are still the way to go. So anyway, I was under the impression it was a few people meeting at a persons house for dinner before a high school play. Now this wasn't Broadway or even seven times removed off Broadway. So, who knew? Apparently not me. I mean G showed up kind of dressy and we were going to the art musuem so I thought maybe people like to look "cleaned up" for that. I was shocked when I arrived at this house. First of all when you find out they have a baby Grand piano in the entrance of the house you might want to rethink the evening. Not like you have a suitcase in the back of the car thought. Later G was like, did you know there wasn't a person at that table who made under $100 thou last year. Most of them much, much more. Ok, that is fine, BUT tell me we are dining well above what I am used to.
The whole time I was like, sit up straight, no sudden movements to draw attention, OH MY GOD take the cloth napkin OFF the table. hehe My family and friends would have laughed at me. G called this morning and we talked for an hour. I almost cried. We may try again, but G is very embarrased about last week and doesn't want to hurt me again. I am the one that goes to all the family events, I am the one that gets the honor of being showed off. We have been apart a week and yet not totally. We shall see.


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