Saturday, March 23, 2002

I got the YELLOW Escape back last night. I am glad people find the yellow offensive. The more offensive the better. Serves you right for being so average.
It is perfect, with all the scrapes from the keys taken out. So help me if someone touches it again I will be far more salty this time around. When I become independently wealthy from writing the next book of the century you can take out your frustrations on me, but until then key your own damn vehicle.

I so like having the house to myself. I can sit and eat Lucky Charms without any odd stares. I mean come on, I can now do anyting at all I want and I pick the downing of two bowls of sugar sweetened cereal.

In relationship news all is looking ????????? Ok, evaluate this. I am leaving town for 5 days next Saturday. G is going out of town to meet with "this group of friends" the really good friend and this person who wants to date G very badly. I am not supposed to worry. Oh, but I won't. You see
it takes something different to capture my heart, and whether something happens or not, my heart is well guarded. Others have put the walls up for me. Thats great people, I appreciate the fact that I won't be hurt like that again. I appreciate your help in builting those walls, they are strong and won't cave easily. great........


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