Thursday, March 28, 2002

Comments are back and I have some. Thank You!
I do want to add links, but will have to wait for a week till spring break is over. Thanks for the offer and I will take you up on that.

Well, I haven't been called into the principals office so it is a better start than yesterday. I dreamt about flying monkeys last night.
That, and a man with a knife flying through a picture window to kill me. The worst part was afterward I was walking through a movie
theatre with like 12 films playing, but nobody was there. I could hear the words to all of them as I was walking the corridor.
It's the damn Wizzard of Oz play they are showing at school. I am freaked out by the wizard and what he might stand for.
I think in protest to this terrible act of evil, I will show up after spring break in full gothic dress. Instead of the blonde highlights I am getting on Monday, I will get my hair dyed black. Ahh.... I am the evil one. I am laughing again.



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