Monday, March 25, 2002

I was going to have this incredibly great day with G. All the plans were set and this would help in getting us back together. Well, my housmates who are in Florida had a surprise visitor. I mean she calls half way here to say pick her up at the train station at 2:20. Right in the middle of the damn day. I am going to blow my top on this one. So I had to take her to dinner and being the poor college student that she is, I had to pay. So, all I did with G was watch some of the Oscars and watch Moulin Rouge.
At first I hated the movie. Couldn't sit through it, especially the first half hour. In the end, I understand it and I really think it was good.
I am very salty with the housemates. I am leaving in less than a week to visit my family and this relationship isn't back were it was.
It is just the little things that come up in life that end up ruining the big things.


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