Wednesday, March 27, 2002

I had to laugh and that is a good thing on this particular morning as I am in a nasty mood due to the fact that I should never be in a relationship.
Really, I am good at doing the loner thing. I don't have to be hanging on someone and it is great to just date and not have all these issues come up when it get serious.
Anyway, I was laughing at a debate about linking to other blogs. I am always a little off center on things and this is another one. If I knew how to add a link I would have a bunch of links. Blogs of people I read, literary blogs, and topic blogs that are way better than the USA Today. NO, I wouldn't do religion info. I am well blessed in that area and I know your opinion if you are not a Christian, and I know you opinion if you are.
Unfortunately do to the fact that I am illiterate in the ways of html and webdesign I can't function up to speed with a blog.
I am happy to have figured out how to add comments, and site meter. So, I am not above anyone, just not quite there yet.
I do belive I have to have Blogger Pro to add other stuff. I really want my own web address. Something to work on over the summer
I can't even imagine why someone would read my blog. Am I witty, not!!


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