Thursday, April 04, 2002

I know a lot of people who are taking antidepressants or anxiety meds. Four people close to me. I wonder if what they are feeling is actually worse than how I feel. I have my share of problems, but I would call mine situational. I can stand outside on a warm sunny summer day and feel happiness. Apparently for these people a warm sunny day isn't enough to give one peace of mind.
Right now I feel stuck with a zero chance for a better outlook on things. However, I am looking forward to events and I can smile when I think of them. Anxiety, I could write the book on that. I haven't made things easy for myself, but I don't sit here shaking and unable to move about my day. These four people I know are unable to function normally.. They sleep, are angry all the time, cry, don't work when they should. Is it all a chemical imbalance in that people can't handle the everyday, or the tough stuff that pops up?
I guess I am lucky that I can handle what seeps through cause I have some tough ones.

Twenty four hours till I am off to Chicago. Nice hotel, dinner reservations for Sat. evening, an art exhibit. Best of all, I am not paying. Well, I will pick up the dinner, the hotel was expensive. Can't look to needy now can we.


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