Thursday, October 02, 2003

Working on a huge project at work. What a headache. Am I getting more pay? No, just the headache.
Should be a tame weekend with no foreign film listed for this week. I like my foreign films series because I get to see some great movies that we never see in America.
You should check out Nowhere in Africa. A family escapes to Africa during the uprising of Nazi Germany. No, it is not another one of those films where we see endless suffering. The family escapes in time and has to learn to life of the land in Kenya. Great film, one of the best foreign films I have ever seen.

On the homefront, we have some family issues to deal with. G is having a tough time. I get aggravated and want to intervene, but I must remember that my family functions dilfferently. Not better mind you, as we are just a little bit screwed up somewhere on down the line.


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