Friday, April 19, 2002

oohhh, another day off, another day to lounge.
Last night I visited G who just arrived from Florida. Well, needless to say we were interrupted by dear mom who stopped by and didn't scream hello until she was up the stairs.
Almost caught, almost.........

Going to catch some baseball tonight. :)

Interesting things them blogs. I know more about JR then I ever did emailing every day. Thing is, I don't need to be reading that stuff, but I can't stop. One year ago last night we had dinner. We talked in person for the first time. It was fun and I had made this great new friend. I really am hoping that I can get over all this crap once and for all.
I am thinking though, that the one year mark of everything will be painful, but maybe also in the end will findly put it in the past.


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