Thursday, April 18, 2002

I have off today which is the only way to be today. I lost my voice now and the ankle was put into a walking cast that I can take off. I am ailing. I feel like shit.

In better news, G comes home later today. Unfortunately, I am worse of than Sunday and I promised I would be better and not so whiney about all this.

My friends are begging for my time again. J was easy. Told him about the ankle and he understood. DW is very depressed and needs me to help her out of her hole. I really can't. She is dragging me down. Going to a movie with DZ this weekend. She had her class get me things for librarian day yesterday and that was cool. Except now I gotta write thank you's. Tommorow is the baseball game and Sunday is the huge party for G's mom. I am not looking forward to that. a lot of people haven't met me yet and I will be on display, or my little strange mind thinks so.

ok, back to bed, didn't sleep well last night cause the ankle keeps moving and it is painful. Supposed to meet LE for lunch. Ugh..........right now, road construction is so bad around here it takes and hour and a half to go ten miles.


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