Wednesday, February 20, 2002

I just want to know what kind of a moron keys a car?
I bought a brand new 02 Escape and had it keyed within 48hrs.
1300 dollars worth of damage to both sides....
They say it must be someone who dislikes me.
Who are my enemies...... Well, would I have enemies...come on no way not you.
Yeah I can think of those who dislike me, but they wouldn't key my car.
So, I can take the hit with the insurance and let it go up, or just personally take the hit and pay.
I mean I am ok with that because for a certain amount of time (yet to be decided) I am going to take any and
all hits without too much complaint. I've been bad, and this I guess is just another way of paying.
I just want to know why people key cars????


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