Wednesday, February 27, 2002

I just read a blog that pissed me off.
It was from an ex Catholic who doesn't like religion because of the holier
than thou attitude he seems to think we have.
He had to grade a paper that had to do with religion and he couldn't mark what
he wanted.
What a freakin cop out. Ok, I am not Catholic, although I would love to do a confession
right about now, but anyway Christianity is not about attitude. It is about reaching a goal.
There is intolerance, I have huge issues with that, because I would be the first knocked down
with my background. However, being better than others really does not fit in. Don't be thinkin
Robertson or any of those other right wing fundamentalists. Just the simple guy, with a family
who wants to do the right thing as it is written. What is written should be examined and read before
opinions tossed around. Ok, just me blowing off steam.
YB would have my ass for this.


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